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Hello And Welcome To Irasol

Experience Excellence - through innovative way. E-Commerce changed the dimensions across geographies- Why not a local touch with a national coverageExperience hiring through high end IP-PBX technology.

Why choose Irasol

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Welcome to "The World of Excellence"

Irasol’ derived from “Ira” meaning Knowledge. It consists of 3 letters & 2 syllables and is pronounced “I-Ra”.
Knowledge as it explains in Sanskrit identified in Nagari script.
'Irasol' is initiated to impart excellence in the process of Hiring.
Instituted for excellence – An Introduction


Across India, an estimated, over 15000 hiring firms exists. From a search focus perspective, while Irasol is positioned as a startup to provide a best in class search, our business model is simple and focused to create an impact on Human workforce and continually improve our efficiency through the process of constant learning.
Operating at the high end of strategic talent acquisition, Irasol, an Amaravian venture started in 2012, (Amaravians are alumnus of Sainik School Amaravathi Nagar) is an ultra-exclusive, select client & leadership talent focused, metrics & results driven start up providing open to innovative approaches in leadership hiring open to exploring exceptional career opportunities.
Irasol engages in hiring activities for customers handpicked who satisfy our demand and meet our convenience in order to create high impact in their line of business, through the center in Chennai, Our hiring focus primarily targets partnering select clients, across select industries & geographies, seeking to accomplish business outcomes/growth through faster Turnaround Time.

 Our Discipline


All information shared by customers and prospective resources will be treated as confidential information and will not be shared with anyone apart from Irasol team (or) for any commercial purpose without prior cognizance of parties involved.



Considering the complexity involved in Hiring processes Integrity and professionalism are the foundation of our competitive selling, Irasol has not and will not engage in offering payment / benefits to any workforce advisor fiduciary of customers with the intent to influence their conduct and regulations.
Irasol as per the contractual agreement will not engage in providing services that are not enlisted by it and will engage in providing value additions as per need.
Irasol will render assistance and explore opportunities only on assignments which satisfy its demand, expectation and supports operational capabilities in which it believes it has better execution capacity.



Understanding that hiring is a two way selling, we support equal opportunity in employment and evaluate workforce solely based on knowledge required to deliver the desired role.
Irasol capacitates accurate and factual communication with customers and potential workforce in all its endeavors and encourage and expect them to reciprocate, at all stage of relationship.



Providing knowledge on the Hiring trends with accurate information.
Ensuring High administrative efficiency & outcome effectiveness.
Emphasis on On Time without quality depreciation.
Consistent professionalism worthy of trust, demonstrated by a dedicated team of young professionals working to deliver sincere hiring services.
Clear understanding of customer needs and job specifications before accepting an engagement.
In depth analysis of competitors information on process / Team involved.

Our Acknowledgement


In execution of its professional services Irasol will ensure that it’s vigilant and compliant with the customer’s contractual agreement and respect the regulations and rule of law applicable to the location it executes the capabilities.
Effective and efficient communication to the customers and the potential work force for better transparency in discussions involving payment conditions/contract negotiation/Turnaround Time.
In acknowledging and respecting the time involved Irasol will connect/touch base only with potential work force for the purpose of search to fulfill the expected role based on profile fitments, expectation, cultural fitments.
Similar cognizance in presenting the resource after complete evaluation based on competence required for the desired search.
In valuing the interaction between the customer and potential workforce Irasol will strive to deliver the best in all endeavors to honor the dual commitment.
Irasol is instituted for delivering excellence in the scope of Hiring talents and strongly believes in retaining and nurturing the home grown talents towards inclusive workplace that recognizes intellectual supremacy over other de facto.

Our Partnering Philosophy


We engage only with organizations and the employed managers delivering high ethical values, exhibits integrity & transparency and are honest in conducting the business affairs dealing with their employees and partners who believe in workforce really as strategic & inclusive assets and whose mindset, action, work discipline reflects this intent.

Privacy & Data Protection codes


Irasol shall provide information about customers to its employees alone, in order to administer its day to day operational capabilities.
Irasol will not share the information of customers for any monetary gains (or) personal interest
Adjoining the caveat Irasol shall protect sensitive details of customers & the resources
No uniquely identifiable information about customer (or) potential resource will be shared in public domain without the consent of the party involved.


Changing business environment demands complex skill sets, we would like to assist you in your search for Premium Talents.


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