BPO ITES Call Centre


Information Technology Enabled Services BPO/ ITES/ Call Centre is one of the industry which

offers a considerable number jobs in Chennai for fresher’s.

BPO/ ITES/ Call Centre Industry in Chennai engage Graduates in any discipline and few companies

in BPO/ ITES/ Call Centre Industry accommodate candidates who have completed Higher Secondary Education.

Processes in a BPO/ ITES/ Call Centre

The Processes in BPO/ ITES/ Call Centre Industry are classified as

1. Voice Process

Voice process is classified in different terms

(i) Based on process

(a) Technical

This involves providing technical support to customers ISP, Network, System issues ...etc

(b) Non-Technical

       Non-Technical support is all about customer care, sales, mortgage collection ....etc

(ii) Based on Calls nature

    (a) Inbound (Incoming calls)

         Inbound means an act of the customer calling the call centre to obtain a detail, for example

a person using certain facility may call up the customer service to know the details of the policy,

procedures, status, payment, balance in his account...etc

    (b) Outbound ( Outgoing calls)

          Outbound calls are usually sales calls of a product or a service, The centre will have the

database of the targeted customers of the client, which the dialer will automatically dial to the

intended customers. A insurance company may want their existing customers to renew their

policy or they reach a list of potential customers to sell their products.

(iii) Based on Customer Location

     (a) International

          The International voice process is used for foreign clients to do sales and customer service

     (b) Domestic

          The domestic voice process is used by Indian companies to reach their customers in India

alone, its predominantly used by telecom companies and banking companies.

2. Semi Voice Process

    The semi voice process has about 70% voice process and 30% of non-voice process and this

involves interaction with      the customers and the client

3. Non Voice Process

    Non-Voice Process is mainly centred on the individual's written skills, typing skills and a good

communication skill in english as this process involves writing e-mails and to have a chat conversation

with  your customers.

The selection process for this Non-voice process involves three rounds.

(a) A Typing Test Round

 Since this very Non-voice process relays on typing this test is done as first, the minimum requirement

is to type a minimum of 28 words per minute(WPM) and mainly two factors are assessed on this test

         (i) Speed 

           The minimum desired speed is 28 words per minute is desired

        (ii) Accuracy

          The minimum desired accuracy is more than 90%

          There are various typing test tools available online to know your position on these two parameters.


 (b) HR Round of discussion

      The questions of HR Round will revolve around your name, Age, Qualification, family, hobbies, your

area of interest ...etc

      The HR round questions are elaborately discussed on our web page.


(C) The third round of interview is that of the Operations.

   The questions of Operations round are completely oriented towards the specific process of your client.


The Structure in a BPO

Vertical Axis

1.       Service Delivery Manager

       Person responsible for all the processes

2.       Operations Manager

       Person responsible for a single process

3.       Team Leader

       Person responsible for his Team performance and normally the team will comprise of 15 agents along with 2 team coaches.

4.       Senior Call centre Executive/Team Coach

       Person takes calls individually also helps the new recruits to take calls by coaching and guiding.

5.       Call Centre Executive

       Person who does the basic business function of taking the calls or making the calls.


Horizontal Axis

1. Recruitment

    Short listing resumes by identifying the right profile and conducting the selection rounds

2. Training

   Product Training, Process Training, Soft Skills and Voice and Accent

3. Human Potential Management

     Planning career growth of employees. All BPO’s have a high attrition rate. This function has to

ensure that it provides growth opportunities and various career options. They come out with various

policies which are normally referred to as HR interventions to keep the employee happy.

4. Sexual Harassment

       To prevent exploitation of an employee

5. Sales

       Generating new business for the company

6. House Keeping 

       Maintenance & upkeep of the company premise

7. Finance

       Managing the funds of the company and also looking at various options to raise money for the

company wherein the        cost of funds is low


       Maintaining day to day cash transactions, preparing bank reconciliation statements and preparing the

yearly balance sheet and file income tax returns. Preparing monthly salary statements and ensuring that all

statutory payments are made and records are in order

The assessment areas of candidate in a BPO

A candidate is assessed in the following areas in a BPO


       Demonstrates understanding / knowledge, technical or otherwise


       Elaborates on personal experience

3.Qualifications (not restricted to formal Education) 

     Discusses and provides the evidence of essential & desirable qualifications

4.Communication skills

       Clarity of expressions, assertiveness and ability to share information

5.Leadership and Personality skills

       Appearance, attitude, poise, rapport, business-like approach, present ability, influencing skills

The above said areas are assessed on a scale of 5 to 1 which are measured as 5=Outstanding

4="Excellent" 3="Satisfactory" 2="Some" Deficiencies 1="Unsatisfactory" respectively.