Do's Dont's in Interview

BPO / ITES/ Call Center DO’s & DON’T’s in Interview

As thousands of new graduates pour into the job market, a recent report uncovers the new interview and workplace do’s and don’ts

Top 10 interview Don'ts in BPO

1. Poor grooming and looking scruffy

2. Swearing

3. Being late

4. Over-familiarity

5. being hung-over

6. Using a mobile

7. Over-confidence

8. Lack of eye contact

9. Lack of research and preparation

10. Sweat patches and bad BO

Top interview tips for BPO


1.Invest in a good quality dark suit and a sharp white shirt or blouse. Men need to make sure you shave, polish your shoes and wear a conservative tie. Interviews are neither the time nor the place for cartoon ties!


2. Practice your body language and be aware of how you're coming across. Your body language says everything about you and gives messages about your character to people looking at you. Sit up straight, keep eye contact and respond to your interviewer to show you are listening.


3.Sounds obvious, but don't be late.Plan your route and get there early.  If needed, do a dummy run beforehand. Modern office complexes can be quite a maze and if you're running late for an interview, you’ll arrive hot, sweaty, flustered and out of breath.But avoid getting there so early that you spend an hour and a half killing time making yourself even more nervous than you probably already are.


4.Never go into an interview unprepared.  In the 45 or so minutes that you have to sell yourself, you need to let the interviewer know you know your onions.  So do your homework on the company, read their annual report, Do a news search on them and drop into conversation that you were impressed by their shrewdness in opening a branch in Kuala Lumpur (Just an example)


5.Never lie. People who get caught lying on their CV never get the job (well, apart from the guy who won The Apprentice a few years ago…)


Don't criticize your existing employer.  If you are asked “Why do you want to work here?”, then the reason is not “I hate my boss”.  By putting down your existing employer it makes you look like you’re a whinger and no one ever achieved anything by moaning.