Generic Questions

Generic Interview Questions for ITES / BPO role

1.      Can you tell me about any previous experience you have within the International Call Centre environment?

2.      What made you apply for this position?

3.      Briefly, would you summarize your work history for me?

4.      Can you describe for me one or two of your most important accomplishments?

5.      Describe for me one or two of the biggest disappointments in your work history?

6.      Why are you leaving your present job? (Or, why did you leave your last job?)

7.      What is important to you in a company? What things do you look for in an organization?

8.      What kind of things do you feel most confident in doing?

9.      How would you describe yourself as a person?

10.  What do you think are the most important characteristics & abilities a person must possess to become a successful? How do you rate yourself in these areas?

11.  What do you consider to be your greatest achievements to date? Why?

12.  What things give you the greatest satisfaction at work?

13.  What are your strong points for this job?

14.  What would you say are areas that need improvement?

15.  Are there any issues or circumstances that would prevent you from working shift patterns Monday to Sunday 365 days a year?                     

16.  What are your personal aspirations and goals in life?                      

17.  What are your long terms career goals and aspirations?


Competence Required for Customer Service


Description about Planning: Makes plans and meets performance standards most of the time. Identifies priorities and action steps for achieving objectives. Displays effective time management. Translates requirements into actionable outputs with timelines. Makes accurate resource estimation and allocation decisions. Proactively tracks critical variables / process goals. 

Uses the data to plan for any contingencies, keeping in mind the strengths and limitations of the process


Sample Questions on Planning

1.      Tell me about an occasion when much was expected of you. How did you approach the achievement of a desired result

2.      How do you focus yourself on achieving a result? Can you give me a specific example to illustrate your approach?

3.      How do you focus yourself on achieving a result? Can you give me a specific example to illustrate your approach


Description about Analytical Thinking: Analyses the critical areas to focus upon. Identifies the vital few categories. Considers various data sources and metrics; understands the opportunities it throws up. Provides value added &innovative solutions keeping all requirements in mind.


Sample Questions on Analytical Thinking 

1.      How do you respond to any change initiated by your superiors that don't seem too comfortable to you?

2.      Narrate a few instances where you have been able to troubleshoot problems confronted at your workplace ahead of your colleagues?

Description about Decision- Making: Is able to consider parameters and take rational decisions independently; factors in all eventualities and provides clear justifications. Makes decisions from the basis of a holistic understanding. Anticipates problems and outcomes. Allows himself to take calculated risks


Sample Questions on Decision- Making 

1.      Give an example of a decision you took to solve a particular business problem? How did you arrive at the decision?

2.      What kind of decisions are you authorized to take in your current role?

Description about Customer Focus: Inculcates among his associates a sharp focus on customer. Understands and articulates customer requirements to his team within the organization. Ensures positive moments of truth in every interaction Understands the customer's needs & follows set standards/ procedures consistently to ensure they are met. Displays clear understanding of the customer's needs and proactively suggests action.


Sample Questions on Customer Focus 

1.      Who do you consider as your customers. How have you developed an understanding of their needs, concerns, motives, feelings, etc.?

2.      When did you feel that you needed to take personal responsibility for resolving a service problem?

3.      When did you ask a customer for a feedback?

Description about Teamwork: Is willing to understand failures of his team and work on them. Effectively employs mentoring and coaching mechanisms to develop his associates to higher standards of performance. Determines the training needs of associates. Effectively shares feedback & builds cohesiveness to improve performance of his team. Open to feedback and suggestions. Takes ownership for one's own team & process & works with team members to continuously enhance performance. Shares best practices in the process.


Sample Questions on Teamwork

1.      Describe your most successful team experience.

2.      Describe a time when you had to build internal commitment at work. What did you do?

3.      Tell us about a team project you were involved in. What did you do to ensure the success of the team?

Description about Communication: Has timely, appropriate and consistent communication with all levels within the process. Clear and concise oral and written communication. Is effective in communicating and liaising with clients and other functions within the organization. Networks with employees at all levels/ across organization & is able to influence / impact with his communication


Sample Questions on Communication

1.      Describe an instance where you had to communicate and convince your customer(internal or external) or team on an particular subject?

Description about Leadership (People Management & Team Leading): Pushes the team to perform; understands why deviations occur and gives inputs on improving deviations. Reviews progress and embarks on corrective measures. Maintains discipline within the team. Has coaching & feedback Skills. Allocates responsibilities amongst the team and instills a sense of ownership. Exhibits energy & enthusiasm, takes ownership for the team performance. Is looked upon as a role model, infuses a sense of purpose in the team, empowers the team members and instills a sense of ownership. Able to spot & nurture potential.


Sample Questions on Leadership (People Management & Team Leading) 

1.       Give me an example of a specific occasion when you had to lead your team in pursuit of a significant business objective?

       2.    Give an example of helping someone to increase their skills in their job?

       3.    Amongst your immediate team/colleagues, what part do you play in ensuring that the team                    meets its objective?

Description about Quality and Improvement Focus: Ensures process improvements and addresses ‘how to’ issues. Keeps raising his benchmarks and standards. Facilitates process improvement, is quality conscious, seeks improvement in all aspects of work. Ensures adherence to quality standards. Proactively brings in new ideas, shares best practices, initiates & achieves process improvements. Creates a learning environment. Is highly quality conscious and seeks perfection in output.


Sample Questions on Quality and Improvement Focus

1.    What process improvements or enhancements have you been able to put into place?

2.      How do you share best practices across to other processes?

3.      How do you evaluate the quality output of your team and make efforts to better the same?

Description about Resilience: Maintains effective work behavior in the face of pressure and setbacks. Successfully adapts to changing demands and conditions. Adapts to changing demands and conditions & ensures deliverables are met. Welcomes change opportunities, keeps himself / team composed and delivers well despite the pressure/ crisis.


Sample Questions on Resilience

1.      Can you give me an example of a situation where it has been important for you to persist even in the face of resistance?

2.      Tell me about a situation where you have had to overcome considerable resistance to make something happen?

3.      When have you faced major setback in your work?

Description about Ownership and Achievement Focus : Demonstrates a sense of urgency to achieve targets. Expresses ideas even if not readily accepted. Escalates issues rarely; resolves them at his level. Is proactive and self-starting and challenges the status quo. Sets challenging targets for self/team. Is passionate about achieving the process goals rather than only the team goals. Escalates issues rarely; resolves them at his level.


Sample Questions on Ownership and Achievement Focus

1.      Give an example where you took ownership of a situation which was over and above your normal course of work

Give an example of a proactive approach to problem solving within your team