Knowledge of Market

Competitors Client Benchmarking (CCB - Insight into your competitors information)

Competitors Salary Benchmarking (CSB – Details on C&B)

What it means to Stake holders – Benchmarking


Knowledge Leads to New Ideas


A data bank which contains various insights into the operations of competitors in terms of process, regions, industry and overall headcount of financial professionals. This supports effective manpower planning.

Rolling out benchmarking ensures adequate pre Hire planning for deciding on CPH (Cost per Hire),Batch On Board Date, Devise Sourcing channel.


Provides a frame work for realistic negotiation of Service Level with the business / Service Delivery as it is based on live / accurate data With the in-depth knowledge captured by the practice through the benchmarking exercise, we are ready to offer Hiring Benchmarking for any the LOB in FATAS as a value service offering to our existing and prospective clients.


We believe that whether or not you outsource your hiring, you should review our CCB / CSB which could serve as an eye-opener for effective hiring in reduced time lines